Testery Deployments

A Testery Deployment is a representation of each deployment that happens in any of your environments.  When a build system tells Testery when a deployment happens, it gives Testery users more insight into knowing what is deployed where, in what environment, what version of code, and what tests have been run against a deployment. It also allows users that do not normally have much control over the build process to make decisions and easily change what tests get run, in what environments and when they should run. 

Benefits of sending deployment info to Testery

  • Allows someone like who normally has zero control over when something gets deployed to control what tests get run when something gets deployed. This is many times the case for QA teams.

  • Enables the ability to automatically run automated tests when a project is deployed to any environment.

  • Ties deployment and environment data to automated testing data that enables some powerful insights into what is being tested and where.


Sending deployment info to Testery
The easiest way to send deployment info to Testery is to make a cURL request from your build system to Testery after every deployment. Here is an example:

testery create-deploy --token <my-api-token> --project <my-project-key> --environment <environment-key> --commit <commit-hash> --branch <branch-name>


Scheduling a test run using deployment info
Testery will recognize if you have sent deployment information about your deploys and offer additional functionality when scheduling test runs. The Schedule option to Run on Deploy is available once at least one project has deployment info. Each project that sets up a schedule using Run on Deploy will need deployment info to work. The images below show a new option for Latest Deployed Version when creating a schedule to run on deploy or run on interval.  When this option is selected it will run the latest version of tests in the specified environment. This is possible because now Testery is aware of the deployments.

What if code and tests are in different projects?
If your code and test code are in different projects, you can kick off a test run from your test code project when the code project gets deployed.